IEN Symposium Series

Religious Austinites promote Green Education

Proven series empowers faith-based application of solutions to today's environmental challenges.  

In ongoing effort to facilitate the green empowerment of Austin's religious communities, the Interfaith Environmental Network of Austin (IEN) continues its monthly, free, green symposia for adults. 

The Interfaith Environmental Network (IEN) began its symposia in the Spring of 2011. Since that time the group has produced nine free educational forums a year and doubled its membership of faith-based, Austin-area environmental advocates. 

This year’s series began September 3rd with a presentation by legendary Lutheran professor, Dr. Laurence Meissner. Dr. Meissner, a noted biologist and paleontologist, spoke on the spiritual basis for environmental stewardship and efforts Concordia University Texas is making to preserve creation. 

In the months ahead, the "IEN" will present symposia to help connect Austin area houses of worship to the City of Austin’s green programs and incentives in energy and water use for facilities, grounds, workplace, and home.

The series will additionally explore best products and practices for greening transportation and purchasing/use/reuse of materials and food. The series will conclude in June by exploring our place and role in the cosmos. 

Symposia are held the first Tuesday of each month, Sep thru June, at an Austin area house of worship. Past hosts of IEN educational symposia include: St. David’s Episcopal, Friends Meeting of Austin (Quaker), Highland Park Baptist, Congregation Beth Israel, and the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013, the IEN symposia series presents, “Discovering Your Green Team!” led by group dynamics expert, Dr. Patty Stephens and National Wildlife Federation Director of State and Local Education Advocacy, Allen Cooper. Learn more about that symposium here


In 2012, the Interfaith Environmental Network of Austin released a groundbreaking climate action manual for congregations and helped local houses of worship eliminate more than 1,000,000 lbs of CO2 from their carbon footprints. The IEN currently consists of 16 Austin-area congregations, representing green teams from Austin’s Protestant, Jewish, Unitarian, Quaker and Zen communities.

The Interfaith Environmental Network of Austin

Inspiring the Austin area faith community to live out the common call of environmental stewardship. 




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