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  • NEW! "Becoming Carbon Positive," a manual for congregational Energy Action Teams.
  • NEW! Here's a PDF brochure for the IEN Energy Action Team!
  • NEW! St. Andrew's Episcopal's Clean Energy Program in PDF!

The Journey of Environmental Stewardship: a two hour Powerpoint presentation on the Biblical basis for environmental stewardship with a comprehensive review of the ecological challenges and solutions. Although copyrighted, it may be freely used for educational purposes in faith-based organizations.“

"A collection of references from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament bearing upon care of Creation."

Seeds Of Change: “An overview of Earth Charter: Creating a sustainable global society founded on environmental protection, human rights, equitable human development and peace.”

Interfaith Environmental Network Public Policy Team Issues and Strategies regarding Austin Energy's renewable energy plans.

IEN's Official Statement on the XL Tar Sands Pipeline.

Here's GreenFaith's excellent guide to congregational energy efficiency.

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