Bag Ban Progress Report!

City Hall Meeting Report

Pastor Lou Sneed and I attended a meeting at the Mayor’s office on September 15. It was an information sharing and gathering meeting with several people from the city and other interested groups, about 20 people all together. Several groups were present endorsing a total ban on all bags. As representatives of Austin’s Interfaith Environmental Network (IEN), Lou and I pushed our agenda of supporting the ban, a total ban on plastics and paper, and our desire to see lower economic citizens helped in purchasing reusable bags.

Read IEN’s “Ban” statement here

As I understand things, the ban, however it falls out, will be voted on in December. Hopefully the ban will be implemented sometime in 2012. There are lots of considerations from enforcement to an implementation timetable to possible exemptions for some businesses. No one in our group suggested any type of fees for disposables but there was someone from the paper industry pushing for the use of paper bags; all in all an interesting meeting. The City spokesperson recommended visiting The City of Austin’s “Speak up Austin” website to make comments on the ban. Now is the time to make your opinion heard. It seems almost certain that some initial ban will come forth but to what extent and how far reaching, has yet to be determined and the City is actively looking for input. 

 – Father Bo Townsend of St. Christopher Episcopal Church

Get Involved

Review or make comments by going to “Speak Up Austin,” a City of Austin sponsored, public discussion website. 

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