St. Andrew's Model Clean Energy Goals

The Energy Action Group of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church has set ambitious Clean Energy Goals for its community. Their program is a model of congregational involvement and includes these elements:

  • Achieved St. Andrew’s membership in and financial support of Interfaith Environmental Network.
  • Presented “The Greatest Environmental Challenge.”
  • Calculated site’s carbon footprint: 310,000 lbs. carbon/year.
  • Requested 2013 funding for 100% renewable energy and are working on contract.   Created an Earth Care/Climate Change library shelf with books, magazines, and energy monitor.
  • Committee members used the Energy Monitor in own homes.
  • Recommended to Session membership in Presbyterians for Earth Care.
  • Observed Earth Day with sermon, display table and food garden tour.
  • Joined “Connect the Dots” and submitted photo.
  • Publicized meetings, events, and carbon reduction ideas with bulletin boards, church newsletter, bulletins and web site.

Evaluated The Low Carbon Diet and will use it as basis of congregational education program starting in January, 2013 - Specific, measurable ways to care for the web of life by reducing CO2. 

  1. Presentation to Session
  2. Sermon series – inspiring us to care for the web of life.
  3. Earth care “minute” during worship.
  4. Foyer displays of CO2 reduction goals and actions.
  5. Energy monitor demonstrations and checkout for measuring home appliance energy consumption.
  6. Low Carbon Diet (used copies) book available.
  7. Bulletin inserts
  8. Awareness Buttons
  9. Question of the week.

You can download a PDF file of this program, with graphics, here.

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