Our Traditions

Our Traditions

Because our desire to care for the earth is rooted in our faiths, it’s important that we understand those roots to strengthen our collective faith and inspire us to act upon it. 

This section of the IEN website is dedicated to sharing that understanding to build up others within our own faith communities as well as those seeking deeper understanding beyond their faith community. It’s envisioned the material and perspectives shared here will be used for your personal growth as well as for helping others become more faithful stewards. 

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What Can I Share?

You are invited to share your religious understandings and experiences of environmental stewardship. It could be references to your sacred text or other writings, sermons or talks you’ve given, or your own personal encounters. All faith-based contributions are welcome. If you disagree with a perspective offered, remember our goal is to lift up and not tear down others. Your different perspective, offered in a thoughtful fashion, will be welcomed. We encourage a free flow of ideas and dialog.

How Do I Share?

Simply send us an email using this link. Include your name and religious affiliation, along with your congregation’s name or other religious organization to which you’re affiliated. We will not post anonymous submissions. You may also submit files for the download page. Submissions are organized by faith tradition. 

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